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Rock HouseThe Clear Creek Rock House is a dynamic youth out-reach in Clear Creek County that offers mentoring, tutoring and after-school activities to teens.  A safe haven for kids! The Rock House provides guidance and support for teenagers while they learn and develop daily life skills and improve school grades.  The Rock House also finds and provides social activities that are age appropriate for teenagers.

The Rock House is the only non-profit teen center in Clear Creek County.  We have researched and implemented the best and most promising practices of similar programs from other counties and cities.

Rock HouseClear Creek County is a beautiful mountain community of shady glades and easy access to ski resorts; however life nestled along the mountain corridor can be a challenging environment for teens.  Of our grade school students alone, 52% are on free and reduced lunches. From 9th through 12th grade Clear Creek County schools have a 40% turn over rate during the four years of high school. Many parents and caretakers must work long hours in the nearby gaming and mining industries which can be challenging to the family environment. A significant number of families are transient which brings burdens that can be overwhelming to our communities youth.  The Rock House provides kids a foundation of stability and positive influence where they can feel safe and flourish.

One of the students recently said . . . "I go to the Rock House every day and attend all of the different functions they provide. It keeps me off the streets, not doing drugs, and making alternative choices."

We invite you to call, email or visit us to learn more about how you can help support this important program.

All volunteers working with kids will be
background checked

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Our Mission:

The Clear Creek Rock House provides Clear Creek County teens a safe, supervised meeting place where they can recreate and receive life skills training from caring adults.

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Our Organization:

The Rock House receives no federal funding and relies heavily on local donations.

Our Success:

Graduation rates have increased from 75% to 95% since the Rock House opened. Our students stay in our mentoring program an average of 2.78% years. Students are graduating from high school and contributing to society.



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