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Cheryl Holmberg
Director Clear Creek Rock House



A non-profit youth outreach program in Idaho Springs, Colorado promoting healthy lifestyles, life skills, and decision-making skills to our community's young people.

Graduate The Clear Creek Rock House is the only non-profit teen center in Clear Creek County. We implement the best and most promising practices of similar programs outside of our county. Clear Creek Rock House also collaborates with city and county police departments, local coordinating counsel, churches, Corner Stone, diversion programs, historical societies, local schools, family directions human services, county nurses department and recreational centers. These organizations participate with donations, by running the CBI mentor checks, referrals, joint community projects, access to services for youths, and volunteers.

The Clear Creek Rock House mission is to provide a meeting place in the community that offers a wholesome, safe atmosphere for teens by providing mentoring, tutoring, special events and after school programs.

One of the students recently said "I go to the Rock House every day and attend all of the different functions they provide. It keeps me off the streets, not doing drugs, and making alternative choices."


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