Cheryl Holmberg

Founder & Executive Director
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Cheryl HolmbergCheryl was a member of the board that founded the Clear Creek Rock House as well as Loaves and Fishes. Cheryl attended the University of Minnesota. She completed the JVA Directors Academy for non-profits and continued her training and education with Tony Grampsas Youth Services, Stephen ministries, suicide prevention, and BrainWise and WAIT training classes. Cheryl also has experience as a foster parent, an EMT, MOPS director, and 4H leader. She is an ACE and Silver Sneaker, CPR/AED certified aerobics instructor and has worked for the Clear Creek Metropolitan Recreation District for the last 30 years. She is also a member of Colorado Western Dressage Association, and the Idaho Springs Garden Club and Social Ethics Club.

“Living in a rural area has some great gifts and challenges. I believe in helping students now versus later. I believe all students can make good choices if given the tools, care, and guidance of adults investing in them. In our society some students are getting lost along the way. Students need a family, neighborhood, and community to raise them. The Rock House tries to fill in where there are gaps. We support the families and students. My desire is for our teens to be successful, happy, contributing members of our society.”

Cheryl grew up with her two sisters, mother, and Air Force officer father in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where her love of horses, camping, boating, and gardening began. Cheryl has lived in Clear Creek County for 41 years. Cheryl also has two children: her daughter is a paralegal in Colorado, and her son is a missionary in Mexico with his wife and three children. Cheryl has always loved students and loves her grandbabies.

Barbara Stahlhut

Administrative Assistant & Tutor
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Barbara StahlhutBarb was a Littleton Public School Mathematics teacher for 33 years, spanning from basic math to calculus and computer programming. She actually began successful single-gender classes at Littleton. After retiring in 2009, she and her husband moved to Georgetown. Barb began working at the Rock House in 2013 as a tutor and administrative assistant. She is our go-to math tutor, extremely talented in individualizing the help a student needs, believing any student can be successful if you find what works best for them. And within the office, Barb’s work is invaluable to the Rock House providing essential administrative assistance crucial to our organization’s inner workings.

“I am proud to be associated with the Rock House, and I hope to continue assisting students and families for a long time.”

Barb’s father was a career Naval officer, so she lived all over the United States, as well as in Panama. She enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, gardening, and taking her dog to the dog park. She and her husband have two children and four grandchildren.

Kimsey Lillard

Mentoring Coordinator
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Kimsey Lillard Kimsey has a degree in Recreation, Sport, and Park Administration with an emphasis in Outdoor Recreation. Before coming on the Rock House team, she worked two years as a Live-In Care Coordinator in a home for 18-29 year old street kids. She also has a multifaceted background in working with all different groups of people, such as leading urban mission trips for youth and guiding backpacking/climbing trips for women and men. On top of that she recently passed her exams to be an Ontological Based Life Coach.

“What an exciting adventure to get to be a part of the Rock House Family. After spending a good chunk of time working with a young adult demographic, I saw firsthand the importance and difference having just one stable/consistent person can have. I am excited to merge my experiences and passions to facilitate an impactful program for youth. One where we build deep relationships, learn, and enjoy many adventures together!”

Kimsey grew up in a small town in Missouri of about 1,000 people. During college she got to travel and live in several different places (one of her big passions!) She has lived for short times in Florida, Oregon, Texas, and now Colorado. Her hobbies include climbing, working out, camping, trying new things, traveling, spending time with the community, checking out coffee shops, and getting outdoors!

Kandi Hedges

Tutoring Coordinator
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Kandi HedgesKandi moved to Idaho Springs in the fall of 2020 after retiring from 17 years as an education assistant in Douglas County Schools. I had the privilege of opening Rock Canyon High School with my sister who headed the science department for her entire tenure there. I, however, enjoyed all of my 17 years there in the Special Education Department, primarily assisting our students in understanding math concepts. One highlight of my job was teaching life skills math to students who qualified for individual education plans. Assisting Rock Canyon’s math teachers in their regular ed classrooms for all those years taught me the value of good teaching, good relationships with students and the best ways for me to support both teachers and students in math classes.

Because I joined the Rock House tutoring team in the midst of online-only tutoring fun for all, I was able to ease into the retirement life as well as the workings of the Rock House. The Clear Creek High School culture vastly differs from Rock Canyon’s in many ways, and yet both struggle with how best to help students take ownership of their own education. Both have taught me that parents who value their child’s education contribute in greater measure to their child’s success. In the final analysis, however, success is in the hands of the student. Traditional school settings do not fit every student, just as college isn’t a one-size fits all proposition. Some students will find greater success in the trades, which are in great need of technicians, such as plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, welders, etc. A lucrative, honest living can be earned by hard work, good work ethic, and the ability to work well with others.

My greatest blessings in life include my husband Clint, who teaches math at Clear Creek High, my children Erika and Justin who live in the Denver area with their families, and my four grandchildren. Clint and I are enjoying the fellowship and worship offered by the First Baptist Church in Idaho Springs. This little community/area provides us with endless outlets for our hiking passion and enjoyment of our glorious state. Thanks for welcoming me here!


Marianne Selkirk


Marianne SelkirkMarianne has a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with an Emphasis in Reading and Writing from the University of Colorado, Denver. She began her career in education as a teacher in Adams County District 50 for 12 years, followed by four years at the Idaho Springs Public Library. In 1991, Marianne returned to the University of Colorado at Denver as a research assistant in the Colorado Literacy Study of Effective Classroom Practices for Literacy in Elementary School Children. She returned to teaching and as a reading and literacy coach for 12 years in Jeffco and Sheridan Public School. And in 2006 she was a coach of Coaches for Colorado Reading First Schools within the Colorado Department of Education. Marianne began as a mentor for the Rock House in 2002 at our Miner Street location. In 2005, she was on the ground-floor developing our tutoring program. The Rock House could not be more grateful to have such a valuable resource in Marianne, and her impact on students in over a decade is immeasurable.

“The wonderful dedication of so many adults makes a significant difference in the lives of our teens. It is inspiring to be part of this powerful group. I love the friendships, creativity, and school skills that grow from these efforts.”

Marianne is retired and loves to travel, especially, in their vintage RV with her giant French Mastiff doggies. Reading and listening to audiobooks is a passion. She loves Bible study, book clubs, square dancing, and the Clear Creek Rec Center.

Knoelle Billingsley

Media Volunteer Coordinator
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Knoelle Billingsley Knoelle graduated from Austin Community College with an AA in General Arts and Now is pursuing a BFA degree in Graphic Design at Liberty University. Knoelle began working at Loaves and Fishes, a nonprofit Food bank located in Idaho Springs across from The Rock House with her husband Taylor Billingsley, who is the new director. While volunteering at Loaves and Fishes, she also works as a Media Specialist and Blogger for a local wedding venue. Knoelle enjoys working with Rock House and Loaves and Fishes in their efforts to help adults and kids obtain their goals. Since staying home with her husband, she is able to work in many different places and ways, from serving food, to training, to outreach, to coordination, and even in her college courses.

Knoelle lives in Idaho Springs with her husband, Taylor. Being a supportive wife is her priority, but she also enjoys helping out wherever she can, coffee, attending local and online churches, shopping, assisting with leading a teens small group, traveling and spending time with her family.


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